Derrick Floor

Definition - What does Derrick Floor mean?

Derrick Floor, also known as rig floor, is a limited spaced work area (very small area) in which drilling rig crew operates and perform drilling operations. It is a floor on a drilling rig which mounts the equipment needed to drill a well. The most usual operations on a Derrick Floor include adding drill pipes on a drill string or removing the drill pipes from the drill string.

Petropedia explains Derrick Floor

The Derrick Floor is the lifeline of efficient drilling operations of a rig. It is considered to be the most important and most dangerous location on a rig because of the following reasons:

  • It is located at an elevated height of up to two floor buildings or even higher.
  • The circumference of the floor is very small and it houses machinery.
  • Heavy iron is moved around continuously on the Derrick Floor.
Apart from this, in order to add or remove the drill pipes from drill strings, the connections are made or removed at the Derrick Floor. It also hosts the control cabin also known as driller’s console from where the driller operates the drilling rig.
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