Deflocculated Mud

Definition - What does Deflocculated Mud mean?

Deflocculated Mud, also known as deflocculated polymer mud or polymer drilling fluid, is mud which is mixed with low solids polymeric mud in order to provide temperature stability to conventional polymer mud that is used as drilling fluid. The deflocculated mud is kept at a very high temperature and helps in dispersing the formation of colloidal or suspension in the polymeric mud.

Petropedia explains Deflocculated Mud

Deflocculated mud is used along with drilling fluids in order to stabilize the temperature. The high-temperature deflocculated polymer mud is used in place of an oil-base mud due to environmental and safety considerations. Some of the drawbacks of such type of polymeric mud are:

  • It is difficult to control such mud when the density of the drilling fluid is above 14 pounds per gallon.
  • Viscosity control becomes difficult when the mud contains more solids.

At temperatures above 375°F synthetically-manufactured deflocculants such as lignosulfonate and lignite rapidly degrade are preferred. Synthetic deflocculants are more expensive, but overall they have economical benefits.

Some of the most commonly used high temperature deflocculated polymer muds are:

  • Therma-Dril
  • Pyro-Drill
  • Duratherm
  • Polytemp
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