Deepwater Play

Definition - What does Deepwater Play mean?

Deepwater Play refers to exploration and production activities that are associated with offshore locations where the depth of water from the ocean bed is considerably high. Water depth more than 200 meters or 600 feet falls under the category of deepwater play or deepwater exploration and production activities. These offshore E&P activities can be either in shallow depth waters such as lakes, rivers, swamps, etc., or in deep waters.

Petropedia explains Deepwater Play

The research of large quantity of hydrocarbons formations is usually a challenge to petroleum experts and geologists. The exploration and production activities are divided based on locations of the reservoirs, i.e., if E&P activities happens on land, they are known as onshore E&P activities whereas, if it happens in the sea or ocean, they are referred as offshore E&P activities. These deepwater E&P activities are very often also referred to as deepwater plays.

Deepwater hydrocarbon reservoirs have exactly similar properties to those found on land (onshore), however, the only challenge deepwater plays exhibit is that E&P organizations have to be technologically advanced with the latest drilling equipment so that they can drill into the ocean bed without any environmental issues, human life issues or oil spills.
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