Drilling Detergent (DD)

Definition - What does Drilling Detergent (DD) mean?

A Drilling Detergent is a surface active agent or a mud additive that is used to prevent and reduce interfacial tensions so that there is no sticking of clay, mud or other rock granules in any equipment of a drilling assembly. These detergents also prevent the swelled and sticky clay formations called gumbo shale from agglomerating and forming bigger pieces of sticky clay which can block the annulus and flow line.

Petropedia explains Drilling Detergent (DD)

Drilling detergents help in reducing the drag and torque of the drill string when it is rotated and moved up and down in the wellbore. These surfactant type mud additives are also used in the removal of left out churned pieces of metal, dirt and build-up from the drill bits during the drilling process, dirt and build-up. They also help in removing mud from the wellbore and well casing. Basically, drilling detergents are nothing but cleaning chemicals that break leftover pieces of solids into small particles so that the particles can be separated and dispersed from oil.

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