Cut And Thread Fishing Technique

Definition - What does Cut And Thread Fishing Technique mean?

Cut And Thread Fishing Technique is a method used to recover wireline which is stuck in a wellbore. The term “fishing” is the process of catching any leftover or stuck or lost equipment in the wellbore. In this technique, the wireline is securely gripped with a special tool and cut at the surface. The cut surface is then threaded to the stand drill pipe. As the pipe hangs in the wellbore, threading is done on the wireline with the help of another stand of drill pipe. This stand of drill pipe is then screwed on to the stand in the wellbore. The driller repeats this process until the stuck wireline or any leftover equipment is recovered.

Petropedia explains Cut And Thread Fishing Technique

With the help of Cut and Thread Fishing Technique, full recovery of leftover items from the wellbore is possible. This technique is dangerous and time consuming; however, prior to starting cut and thread fishing technique the following process needs to be completed:

  • All the employees involved in this operation need to be informed well in advance and a written HARC has to be completed.
  • The procedure to get the leftover equipment out using the Cut and Thread Fishing Technique is reviewed after involving all the employees performing this operation.
  • All the entities such as Operator, Driller, Rig supplier, etc., should agree upon before starting the operation using this technique.
  • Any employee involved in the operation using this technique has the power to stop the operation if he/she feels unsafe.
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