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Coiled tubing, a continuous length of small diameter steel pipe with a diameter of about 0.75 to 4.5 inches, is coiled or spun in a reel continuously from one end to the other and is different from typical production tubing used in production operations.

Fracking is projected as a menace despite proving its worth as an excellent drilling technique to increase shale production. In this article we discuss the positives of fracking and how it helps to unlock unconventional energy potential.

Thermogenic gases are part of the conventional gases and have major role in meeting the energy needs of the world.

Government regulations are stringent on well spacing, as the key objective of well spacing is to achieve maximum individual well productivity. This article discusses the challenges and factors that go into well spacing decisions.

Crude characteristics play an important role in refining operations. They decide the type of refinery configurations required for processing, investment outlay, operating economics, etc. In this article, we discuss the types of crude available.

Oil sands, a bituminous mixture are a potential source of hydrocarbon base products such as heavy crude oil, heavy bituminous base oil, etc. Oil sands are a mix of bitumen, water and other solids such as silica sands.

LNG is a liquid form of natural gas. It is converted into liquid form by cooling it below minus 163 degrees Celsius. It is a green fuel of our generation as it helps to protect our environment due to lower emissions.

Tight gas refers to natural gas reservoirs embedded in extremely impermeable, hard rock, making the underground formation extremely tight. It is also trapped in sandstone or limestone formations that are unusually nonporous, also known as tight sand.

FCCU is the resultant technological upgrade from the basic catalytic process which was first developed during 1920s by Eugene Houdry for upgrade of residue. This process was commercialized later in the 1930s and it was based on cyclic fixed bed.

The oil and gas industry is facing complex challenges on various fronts from depleting reserves and falling prices to information and data management systems. Other challenges include environmental, health and safety concerns and geopolitical pressures.

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