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Block Diagram

A Block Diagram is a representation of a system in which the principal parts or functions are represented by blocks connected by lines that show the relationships of the blocks. They are used in (Read on)

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Coal Seam Gas An Unconventional Alternative?

With the depleting conventional oil and gas reserves in the world on one hand and increasing guzzling energy needs on the other, the energy industry is constantly looking out for unconventional gas sources.
Gas Hydrates: Untapped Fossil Energy

As an alternate fuel, gas hydrates promise to be an environmental friendly fuel which can help in achieving green energy proposition. They key composition in gas hydrates is methane which is the cleanest fuel as it releases minimum residues.
Pipelines: Lifelines of the Oil & Gas Industry

Pipelines play a key role in the transportation of petroleum products across continents in a more efficient and economical way. They are a vital link in the transportation value chain and they help in adding value to the products.
Is Big Data Transforming The Oil & Gas Industry?

While the oil & gas industry is known for handling voluminous data akin to its nature of operations, what has changed in recent times is the advancement in handling the data.
Macros of Oil & Gas Trading

The inspiration for trading of a product is essentially determined by demand supply situation of that product. There has to be an interest in sourcing the product and equally there has to be a will to sell the product for a gain.
Steering Smart Operations Through Digital Oil Field

DOF is a capability framework that Oil & Gas organizations strive to acquire whereby they are able to manage business critical production assets in real time to maximize their efficiency and production.
Mobility A disruptive technology in Oil & Gas Operations

All major Oil & Gas organizations have embraced mobile technology though initially some had apprehension about it from safety and security perspective. Today one can find mobility applications being used in the entire value chain of the oil industry.
Bunkering Powering Marine Liners

Before we get into details of the standard operating procedure relating to bunkering, let us briefly see what are the different types of vessels available in the market that are used for fuel transportation across globe.
Oil & Gas Retailing  Secondary Distribution Processes

Retailing & Marketing are key links in the Oil & Gas supply chain process that aims at reaching oil products to individual consumers in an efficient way.
Refinery Configurations: Changing Dynamics

Refineries are classified into four key categories: Topping, Hydroskimming, Conversion and Deep conversion refineries.
Asset Integrity Management Key for Smart Operations

Why is it important to identify integrity-critical equipment?
Is Shale Gas Losing Its Sheen?

Conventional gas reservoirs are created when natural gas migrates toward the earth's surface from an organic-rich source formation into a highly permeable reservoir rock, where it is trapped by an overlying layer of impermeable rock.
Mobile Offshore Production Units vs. Floating Production Storage and Offloading Units: What's the Difference?

Drilling is broadly classified into two categories namely onshore and offshore drilling.
Upstream, Midstream, Downstream: A Look at the Petroleum Industry

With oil accounting for close to 10% of the total world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the industry is crucial for the functioning of world economy.
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A Keyway is a slot that is cut in a shaft, wheel hub or in any pulley hub. A square key is placed in the keyway and mated with another similar keyway through which Read more

Oil Pan, also known as sump, is a containment structure which is used to store chemical tanks, oil tanks, petroleum product tanks, fuel tanks or any hazardous Read more

Shutdown Rate is the time taken by a well to close down and stabilize. All oil and gas wells are at some point closed down for a specific period of time to allow Read more

Tensioner System, also known as riser tensioner system, is a set of devices used in offshore drilling operations by drilling vessels to provide a near constant Read more

Shut Off, also known as shut down, is a process of closing a well when a wellhead platform experiences one or more warning signs of a blowout. When a well is Read more

An Oil Patch is an oil producing region where large amounts of hydrocarbons are present and can be explored and extracted. In other words, it is an oil zone where a Read more

Hot Oil is heavy crude oil which has high viscosity and high sulfur content. In order to increase the mobility of heavy crude oil, it is heated to a certain Read more

Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery is an oil recovery technique used to reduce the mobility ratio of crude oil in hydrocarbon reservoirs by heating it up in order to Read more

Wireline Tools are special designed tools which are lowered into a borehole to perform any well workover functions. A wireline is the cabling system used by Read more

Drilling Tools refers to the downhole equipment used in the production of oil and gas, well drilling, well interventions and well completions. In order to carry out Read more

Calcareous refers to a sediment or soil which contains or is formed from calcium carbonate or calcite. Calcareous or calcium carbonate is used to prepare calcareous Read more

A Joint Operating Agreement, abbreviated as JOA, is an agreement between two or more operators where they collaborate to share their resources and expertise to Read more

A Shear Ram Preventer is a valve used to quickly monitor, control and seal oil and gas wells. This valve works in a same way as a gate valve but it uses a Ram, Read more

Shallow Gas is natural gas which has accumulated at a very shallow depth from the earth's surface. Shallow gas cannot be controlled while drilling, it can only be Read more

Theoretical Gallon is the quantity of liquefiable hydrocarbons present in a given volume of gas which is generated from a gas plant, as determined by the analysis Read more

Lease Purchase Agreement is an agreement which acts as a leasehold of an oil and gas lease. A leasehold is a property tenure where a party buys the right to use a Read more

Advection Fog is a type of fog that is formed due to the slow passage of a relatively warm, moist, stable air over a colder surface. The surface can be land or a Read more

A Block Diagram is a representation of a system in which the principal parts or functions are represented by blocks connected by lines that show the relationships Read more

A Tension Packer is a type of packer that is set by applying tension to a running string. These packers are less common than compression set packers due to the Read more

Ultraviolet Light, also known as UV light, is a form of radiation which is emitted as radio waves, X-rays, infrared rays, or gamma rays. It is electromagnetic and Read more
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