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We are currently working on an awesome new site.

Petropedia will provide free, easy to understand resources including articles, terms, white papers, and free downloads on all matters specific to the Energy Industry. Look for our launch date coming up quickly!

What's Coming?

Expect to see some great new content all wrapped around the Oil & Gas Business. It will be a fresh, new approach to providing both very basic information like terms, definitions used in the field to more advanced topics explaining the latest in the technical aspects of the business. An overveiw of changes happening to the business side will keep you up to date with some of the latest trends.

In addition, watch for some detailed Directories of the Industry personnel - the movers and shakers in the business. You will be able to find the names and relevant contact information of those in specific 'verticals' within the Industry. It will be a compilation of many names, in many areas - all differentiated by geographic region.

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